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Child Custody Newport

Northern Kentucky Child Custody Lawyer

Nothing is more important to you than your child’s safety, health and well being and unfortunately, there are times when the only way to keep your child safe is by working through the legal system.  That’s where the Northern Kentucky Custody attorneys at Hayden & FitzGerald can help you.

Our attorneys have extensive experience fighting for parents in Northern Kentucky custody disputes in Boone, Kenton, and Campbell County, Kentucky. Call (859)491-1000 to set up your fee consultation with a Northern Kentucky Custody lawyer.

What to Expect in a Northern Kentucky Custody Action

While every situation is different, the first thing you should do is contact our office at (859)491-1000 to schedule an in person consultation with one of our Northern Kentucky Custody lawyers. At the consultation you will meet with one of our attorneys who will explain the process and answer your questions.  The information in this site is intended to give you some guidance in the process but should not be construed as legal advice, only a licensed attorney is qualified to give you legal advice after hearing the particular set of facts in your case.

        1)      Custody disputes can be time consuming.  While our attorneys are focused on getting you the 
                results you want,  many disputes are not resolved quickly.  You should be prepared for your
                case to take time.  Many disputes require multiple court appearances and you should be 
                prepared to take time off work.

        2)      Custody disputes can be emotionally draining and frustrating.  It may be a good idea to seek 
                out a counselor or trusted friend or loved one for emotional support. 

        3)      Be prepared to be completely honest with our attorneys.  We can best help you if we know 
                all of the details of your situation, even if you feel that some of those details may be
                embarrassing or negative.  Everything that you tell us in this process is confidential.

        4)      Be courteous and respectful to the mother or father of your child.  Even though you are going 
                to be involved in litigation against them, does not mean that you need to be disrespectful or say hurtful things them.  
                Being disrespectful to the parent of your child will only make this process harder.

        5)      Do not say negative things about the other parent to your child.  Your child will ultimately 
                have a stronger relationship with you and their other parent if you remain positive and do not 
                put them in the middle of the dispute.  Your child should never be useas a “go between.”

         6)    Keep your dispute off of Facebook!!!  Nothing can be gained from you airing your 
               frustration on social media sites and we’ve seen cases where this has actually made 
               matters much worse.  Additionally, once something is placed on the internet you can 
               never completely erase it.  Don’t say anything that you wouldn’t want the judge or more 
                                                                      importantly your child to read someday.

Our Northern Kentucky custody attorneys have extensive experience fighting for parents in
custody disputes in Boone, Kenton, and Campbell County Kentucky. Call (859)491-1000 to
set up your fee consultation.

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