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Newport Criminal Lawyer

Welcome to The Law Office of Hayden & FitzGerald, PLLC, experienced criminal defense lawyers in Newport, Kentucky. We are criminal defense attorneys serving all major cities within the Northern Kentucky region.

Experienced Criminal Lawyers in Northern Kentucky

If you have been questioned, arrested or charged with a crime in Northern Kentucky, it is important
that you speak with an experienced criminal law attorney about your rights. Many people believe
they know their options, but unfortunately forfeit these rights without understanding state 
                                      and federal constitutional rights before, and after being arrested.

It is important to call us, even before you've been charged, before you plead guilty, or before
you accept a resolution due to pressure. State officials have someone protecting them, and so
should you. For information and guidance about your criminal case in Northern Kentucky, call 
Hayden & FitzGerald for a free consultation, (859)491-1000, or contact us through our online
contact form at the above tab

Northern Kentucky Criminal Law

Our attorneys handle criminal matters through out Northern Kentucky, including, but not limited to:

            • Driving while license suspension (DWLS)
            • Traffic Violations
            • Minor in Possession of Alcohol                                                                              
            • Disorderly Conduct                                                        
            • Driving Under the Influence (DUI)                                                                           
            • Driving while Intoxicated (DWI)
            • Reckless Driving & Endangerment
            • Battery & Assault
            • Domestic Violence Cases                                                
            • Criminal Trespassing
            • Theft & Grand Theft
            • Drug Possession and Distribution

Call Hayden & FitzGerald Today – Northern Kentucky Defense Attorneys

Criminal defense cases can become very complex. You need criminal lawyers who understand the laws in Kentucky and have the knowledge to investigate your case thoroughly.

To learn more about criminal defense in Northern Kentucky, please contact Hayden & FitzGerald for further details, (859)491-1000, or fill out our online contact form linked to the tab above.

The legal information detailed on this website should not be construed as formal legal advice. It does not represent in any way the formation of any attorney-client privilege or relationship. For specific legal advice regarding your case, please contact a criminal defense lawyer in Kentucky.

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